Read HCZ's Growth Plan FY2001-2009

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Read "Focusing on Results in Promise Neighborhoods: Recommendations for the Federal Initiative"

This evaluation framework proposes core and optional results for Promise Neighborhood initiatives that should drive the planning, design, start-up activities, program implementation, and evaluation of the individual sites and the overall initiative.

Read "Results and Indicators for Children: An Analysis to Inform Discussions about Promise Neighborhoods"

A paper that identifies the most important outcomes that have been shown to relate to the long-term success of children.

Read "From Cradle through College: Using Evidence-Based Programs to Inform a Comprehensive Pipeline"

The Children's Zone's Evaluation Department developed this list of programs that have been shown to be effective via their participation in randomized controlled trial studies and provides some basic information about the programs.



The Children's Zone has worked in the education field since it began in 1970, working with families of young children who were chronically missing school. Today, HCZ operates a range of programs to achieve our goal of getting all of our kids into and through college successfully.

We operate pre-school programs to help kids get ready for school, after-school programs to assist their academic achievement and high-quality charter schools to address the
centerpiece of a child's educational life. The Promise Academy High School begins this September so that HCZ can expand its ability to ensure that Harlem students are prepared to enter and excel in college.

Geoffrey Canada on the Charlie Rose Show

pdf_button HCZ Report: Building Facilities for Charter School

Learn more about Promise Academy



There are more than 13 million children living in poverty in the United States today. HCZ believes that the country cannot just rely on programs that save dozens or even hundreds of these children. That is why we created the comprehensive Harlem Children's Project - to address the needs of thousands of children. Today, our organization helps over 10,000 children a year, and talks to other communities about creating like-minded programs at scale to address the needs of their children.

Geoffrey Canada talks about teenage boys on the PBS special "Raising Cain"




The statistics about poverty – particularly in regard to poor minority children – are shocking. A severe lack of money is often just one of many problems faced by poor families and children: the threat of crime and violence, the lure of drugs, crumbling living quarters, inadequate schools, substandard health care. That is why HCZ embarked on an ambitious plan – to address the entire range of problems faced by these devastated communities.

pdf_button Winning the War on Poverty Through Education by Geoffrey Canada

Barack Obama speaking on the Harlem Children’s Zone

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