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HCZ video on Transforming Public Housing

The children and families in the Zone's two public-housing developments face some of the toughest challenges in an already disadvantaged neighborhood. Over the past few years, HCZ has stepped up our efforts to bring programs to the thousands of families in the St. Nicholas and Lincoln Houses. Here is a two-minute glimpse of how we are changing the odds in a community where the need is the greatest.



HCZ video on Harlem Armory: A Healthy Oasis

This year, HCZ began managing the Harlem Armory, creating a 50,000-square-foot fitness center for our Zone. Watch this two-minute video to learn why we took on this challenge and how our children are doing.



Geoffrey Canada Q&A in NY Times Business Section

The New York Times weekly "Corner Office" column in the Sunday Business section sat down with HCZ's Geoffrey Canada to talk about management and leadership. Click to read article.



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