Elementary School

As children make their way through the critical first years of school, HCZ is there to ensure that they stay on track in several ways. Like all of HCZ’s programs, the elementary school programs provide their services free to the public, which is possible thanks to the generosity of people like you. Please consider making a donation today.

Promise Academy Charter Schools:

Since their creation in 2004 and 2005, Promise Academy I and II elementary schools have done well enough to lead Harvard economist Roland Fryer to conclude that the students had actually closed the black-white achievement gap. The schools have a longer school day and year, and feature wide-ranging, enriching after-school programs. In 2009, the third-graders from both schools were 100 percent on or above grade level in the statewide math program. At PA1 the third-graders were 94 percent on or above grade level in English Language Arts, while the third-graders at PAII were at 86 percent.

For the students in the Zone who are not able to get into our charter schools, our AmeriCorps-supported Peacemakers program supports students during the school day and after school.

Watch a video about Promise Academy I below:

Harlem Peacemakers

Harlem Peacemakers, funded in part by AmeriCorps, trains young people who are committed to making their neighborhoods safe for children and families. The agency has 86 Peacemakers working as teaching assistants in seven public schools, serving 2,500 students. Part of the afterschool program is a chess program: one team finished second and two other teams came in third in the All Nationals for Girls in 2009.

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The Fifth Grade Institute

The Fifth Grade Institute is a Peacemakers program. This free after-school effort was designed to benefit fifth graders in Harlem public schools by helping prepare them for Middle School. The central goals of this innovative program are to improve academic performance and prepare fifth graders for the challenges that lie ahead. The Institute has already helped improve the abilities of its enrolled students, helping to make college a reality for them.


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