Family, Community, and Health

Community Pride

Community Pride organizes tenant and block associations, helping many hundreds of tenants convert their city-owned buildings into tenant-owned co-ops.

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Single Stop

The Children's Zone’s Single Stop program was initiated as a tool to reduce poverty within the zone’s 100 blocks. Each week at various sites, Single Stop provides clients with access to a broad assortment of useful services. Free of charge, workers offer advice about securing public benefits, access to legal guidance, financial advice, debt relief counseling and domestic crisis resolution. All of the guidance is provided through confidential, one-on-one sessions.

The HCZ Asthma Initiative

The nonprofit organization AIRHarlem works closely with our asthmatic children and their families so they can learn to manage the disease and lessen its effects. To visit the AIRHarlem website, click here.

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The Obesity Initiative

The Obesity Initiative is a multi-pronged program designed to help children and their families reverse the alarming trend toward obesity and its corresponding health problems in the community.

HCZ Foster Care Prevention:


The Family Development Program serves 120 families and specializes in access to mental health professionals who collaborate with caseworkers to support therapeutic


The Family Support Center serves 90 families, and specializes in providing crisis intervention services, referrals, advocacy, groups on parenting and anger management training.


Project CLASS (Clean Living and Staying Sober) serves as many as 50 families. It specializes in providing referrals to drug and alcohol abuse programs, as well as creating, implementing and monitoring drug treatment service plans.It recently added the Babies Initiative, which is offered to 20 families with children ages five and under who are at immediate risk of being put in foster care. This intensive program works to get family members whatever services they need in order to stabilize.


Truancy Prevention works with 90 families with at-risk children. It conducts workshops on domestic violence and on parenting (the Parenting Journey). The program also has a group for teenagers.

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